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Date differences for time zones in mainland North America are also noted. For example, if an event occurs on the previous date for Mountain Time and Pacific Time, it will say something like Jan. Not sure what a word means?

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Look it up in our Astrology Dictionary! This very abstract image doesn't suggest a clear interpretation, which may be why Dane Rudhyar changed the wording second, above. Blain Bovee The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis suggests for the original wording top, above : "accelerated ideas that create a stir, excitement, or massive confusion. It's a curious symbol. Being primarily about Air, it seems misplaced for an Earth sign degree. Further, it is about "haste" which seems counter-intuitive for a Fixed Earth sign.

And yet, the original symbol suggests the presence of the other elements. Perhaps this Earth degree is like the hole in the donut—the thing that's conspicuous by its absence. The missing middle ground that is given shape and definition by what surrounds it. In the same sense, our Taurus Full Moon seeks a quiet centre in which to be set apart from the surrounding turmoil. This is composed of often too much information: Wind. Also, there is often too much saturated emotions that can block clarity: Water.

Considering this intense Full Moon chart, those clouds could well be storm clouds! And the changes are happening so fast and volatile—Fire—that you just know you're "not in Kansas anymore. Perhaps it's not about transcending it all, so much as maintaining a solid stance that allows you to keep from blowing away. It's about getting grounded. The only way to grow is to attach yourself to something solid and stable, while learning how to bend, be patient and evolve. Two weeks ago, the Uranus Explosives Engineers worked together with the Scorpio New Moon excavators to exhume the past and bring relics and debris to the surface.

Now we're sifting through it, deciding which bits are worthless fragments to be disposed of and which pieces are actually treasures that can be cleaned off and added to our cache of goodies and resources.

This is the condition of the world and our lives that the Full Moon in Taurus finds us in: a chaotic jumble of bits and pieces scattered all over, with us in the middle trying to make sense of it and wondering if the job can ever be finished. Thankfully, Taurus knows just what to do.

February Full Moon Meaning, by Zodiac Sign | StyleCaster

Organize, categorize, methodize! Group the issues and problems, questions and possibilities, options and priorities, together in piles according to size, importance, ease, emotional impact, degree of understanding, and the skills and resources needed to deal with it. Even that might seem like a lot of work, but the Taurus side of you knows how to work the beginning steps so that the later work goes smoothly, easily and efficiently.

The more you can set up a budget of time and energy now, the more you can relax later. In other words, organize what needs to be done so that you get things done quickly and effectively with a minimum amount of stress, effort and aggravation. Then you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours. The Taurus Moon has an ally: asteroid Vesta , who is all about creating a comforting space where you can warm yourself and unwind from the stresses of the day — even doubly so when she is in pleasure-seeking Taurus.

The Low-Down on the Far-Out

Her contribution is to help you get centered and grounded, so you can stand solidly in your power. On the other side of the chart is Mercury retrograde who is tightly conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. Thinking seems to work better when it takes a big breath and dives deep, taking its time to explore what it finds "down there" in the obscure corners of the mind.

This may require a direct self-honesty, but this energy's best potential is about multifaceted or reflective perceptions, rather than simple ideas. Taurus's answer is to nourish the senses with soothing sights, tastes, touch, smells and sounds. Your mind tends to take its cue about your environment from your body.

You've got this. With the Full Moon adding her glow to Taurus' agenda, the goal is not just contentment but also to feel safe, secure, cared for and cared about. Even if you've "got this" it is even more reassuring to know you're not alone; that someone else has "got you" if you stumble or fall. In short, this Taurus Full Moon is in search of the kind of nest where we can surround ourselves with a sense of love, caring, protection, order and stability.

The 4 Signs That Will Be Most Affected by the Upcoming Full Moon

However, as much as Taurus prefers simplicity, order and something snuggly, the best solution to this quest will likely take us beyond the straightforward and very possibly outside our comfort zone. Another thing that makes this Quest for the Nest a bit complex is an aspect pattern called a Cradle.

Don't Miss A Thing!

Saturn and Pluto are connected to Neptune through another sextile aspect. The Cradle energy is loaded with sextiles and trines, which are typically seen as the "good" aspects. Lots of cooperation and creativity can come out of the combination of the planets involved. In fact, the apex planets the ones with the sextiles, not the ones in the opposition often provide a creative outlet for the stress and conflict of the opposition.

With 2 apexes, the Cradle offers two channels through which you can discover fresh inspiration and motivation And that's the trick with a Cradle configuration — it can bring a new dimension of insight and perspective, or it can distract you from the work that must be done to deal constructively with the opposition. And it's not always easy to tell which is which.

Change will force you to step off the path, to venture from the nest, to close your eyes and dive right in, knowing that the greatest opportunities in life are found in the sink or swim, do or die moments. In this case, the larger-than-life planetary dynamics that are gifting you with this added dimension are not exactly innocuous fluffy energies, but are forces to be reckoned with. Neptune can inspire with hope, vision, trust and faith Saturn and Pluto can provide reassurance and support through realism, honesty, clarity and authenticity And whatever you do with their combined energy, it's gonna get real.

Really real. So you'd better be prepared for whatever results or consequences come out of it. That's where the stress and tension are. Here is the need for a reassuring life raft Taurus in response to the undertow of power and passion that may feel like they're trying to pull you under Scorpio. If you have developed the skill of thriving in the depths of the Scorpio Shadow, that Taurus life raft is meant to remind you that life must also have pleasure, contentment and satisfaction on the surface, not just learning how to scry into the darkness of the deep below.

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But if you're feeling a bit swamped by the heavy energies that abound these days, you may feel the need for that Moon-Vesta life raft to be a cozy nest, not just a technical solution that keeps you from getting lost in Scorpionic waters. So, here's the trick with this particular Cradle. The world today is a heavy place to live. So much change. So much heavy, larger-than-life dynamics rising to the surface from the Collective unconscious.

Humanity is undergoing a period of transformation and evolution that is frightening, thrilling or just overwhelming, depending on your perspective. What it's not is boring, mundane, easy or simple. And with energies this deep coming up to be reckoned with, it's not going to resolve itself quickly.

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So: this Cradle is a quest to find safety in an atmosphere of chaos. Ease in an environment of struggle. Satisfaction and tranquility within a state of constant flux. A calm centre within a hurricane of transition and transformation. In other words, these transpersonal planetary energies Neptune and Saturn-Pluto that counterbalance the stress of the opposition are best used not as distractions or escape mechanisms, but as a challenge to find peace within conflict and harmony within uncertainty.