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Experience the astrologyapp used bythe best Vedic astrologers in the world. Includes sunrise and sunset, rahukalam, YamaGhantam,Gulika Kalam, abhijit. Protectingtheprivacy of users is our highest priority. In order to providethebest user experience, accurate calculations, predictionsandrelevant information, we require some permissions like accesstoyour location, phone state, secondary storage etc. We alsoprovideastrology based solutions to some of the leading portals andhavegenerated over 30 million astrology reports till date.

Adithya: Astrology 1. Adithya is an app for astrologers who practicevedicastrology Indian system. It gives almost all calculationsrequiredfor an astrologer. This app also gives prashna ganitha,requiredfor AshtaMangala Prashna which is practiced mostly in SouthIndia. Kannada, English, Malayalam and Hindi languages are availableinsingle app.

South Indian and North Indian style of kundlialsoavailable. Key Features : - Simple and user friendly userinterfaceoptimized for Android devices. Free version gives only limitedresults. It is digital calendar android appfortheyear It will display all gazetted and restrictedholidays. Itwillalso display date-wise events.

The features of this app are as follows Top bar dropdown for easy navigation between months. Top right dropdown for other option. Top right dropdown options are as follows AIR News4. Doordarshan News4. List of Government Websites4. Calendar 4.


Very simple to use calendar displaying red days andeventssynchronized with your online calendars. Experience thesmoothnavigation between the views month-day-event. Nice displaywithpastel colors on dark background. Moon phases areincluded. Following is true for all calendar apps : to synchronizeonlinecalendars you need to enable synch at device level. Radio-button"Synccalendar" has to be checked.

Moreover make sureglobalsynchronization is enabled. Refer to providedscreenshots. Permissions This app requires you only to grant theCalendarpermission. No more. Respectful of personal privacy.

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Archives for posts with tag: Malayala Astrology. Deva Ganam. Horoscope Match Making Ancient Vedic astrology books provide us with a unique way to check and find marriage compatibility between the birth stars, based on Moon signs astrology, of the bride and groom. Categories Kerala , Kerala , Malayalam , Marriage.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. At Kerala Matrimony we have facilitated many successful marriages for the JyothishaDeepthi Panchangam is the Most Trusted Our astrology app helps you make predictions on future. This vedic astrology app includes detailed Jyothisha charts and Full horoscope with prediction, Marriage compatibility, Ephemeris, planets rasi turn in Malayalam.

Sri Kanippayyur Narayanan Namboodiripad , Kerala's leading and most credible Astrologer provides for free the following in Malayalam : 1. Daily Nakshatraphalam predictions based on 27 Malayalam star The app analyses different compatibilities in Horoscope matching which is the deciding factor in marriage. Using this app you It is the best and free horoscope in malayalam. The app will update every week and. We consult famous astrologists and collect data from their.

The first simple horoscope application in malayalam. Also get kundali match, rasi palan and numerical stats.