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Pisces in love – Horoscope Sign Compatibility

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This will be important later on. Pisces are dreamers and have a romanticised idea of everything whether it be love or friendship. They give all of themselves. The more it hurts, the more they try fix it or the more they want it as they cling onto every dream that was sold to them still believing it holds some type of truth. The only defence a fish has is to swim away. This is a lot like real life.

Leading to their next dark side. Pisces may not be physically capable of hurting you. The moment the person reacts, they flip it and play victim which makes no sense. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Pisces are very vengeful. Pisces will then react and plot on how to make you feel how you made them feel. Following on what I said earlier about them giving themselves up in love.

Pisces are not this perfect partner to everyone. Their brain can go from wanting you today, to not feeling it the next and wanting to be alone and not in a relationship. The final dark side is how manipulative Pisces can be. They avoid the truth if it is something they feel they can not handle as it is too painful for them to confront head on. While outwardly thoughtful, shy, righteous, and sweet, they plot to undermine people and institutions, hiding barely their lust for sex and money. This lust is so overwhelming they feel they must deny having a dark side, saying, "What you see is what you get.

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  7. Remember that the symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Negative Pisceans might look like ordinary people, maybe in need of a makeover. In fact they are manipulators and misers. Negative Piscean and self-styled "Christian" Josh Duggar March 3 , sexual abuser and adulterer, is a prime example. Fortunately, most Pisceans who are that negative get caught. Typically mild-mannered, Piscean friends can be tiresome because they can't decide what movie to see or where to eat.

    They are often strict about food but not drink! At a diner that doesn't fit their dietary rules, they order nothing and watch you eat, or sneak tidbits from your plate. That is how they stay smug about their saintly self-denial.

    Some Famous Pisceans That Share Your Sign!

    I have seen a Pisces open and eat half a box of sweets and—instead of maybe sharing them—close the box and save the other half for later. Now that is self-discipline! The saved and guarded candy reveals yet another side of negative Pisces: they are tight, tight, tight! They cringe even when you spend your own money! They don't mind at all degrading themselves for cash. Money is Piscean: It swims into and out of our lives and its value is symbolic.