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Free Will Astrology ✧ 12/28 – 1/3

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Free Will Astrology: March 11 through 17 | Village Voice

Accept Reject Read More. It sounded tacky. But after for 20 minutes, I had to admit I was having a fantastic time. And it just got better and more fun as the night wore on. This event was typical of my adventures with Aries folks. Reinterpret your past using his perspective.

I promise. Same for all you Geminis. It may take a while. Important clues and signs should arrive soon.

If you want to negotiate compromises, pay extra attention to good timing and the right setting. Devote care and sensitivity to all matters affecting your close alliances and productive partnerships. Every one of them broke at least eight eggs before succeeding. I suspect that three or four attempts will be enough for you.

Free Will Astrology

Under his rule, his nation became a major empire. He also led a cultural revolution that brought modern European-style ideas and influences to Russia. It was a club he organized with his allies to ensure there would always be an abundance of parties for him to enjoy. I don't think you need alcohol as an essential part of your own efforts to sustain maximum revelry in the coming weeks, Scorpio.

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But I do suggest you convene a similar brain trust. But physics students at the U. By their calculations, there'd have to be a minimum of 2,, seagulls involved. I urge you to consider the possibility that you, too, will require more power than you have estimated to accomplish your own magic feat.

Certainly not almost 5, times more, as in the case of the seagulls. Fifteen percent more should be enough. I'm almost positive you can rustle up that extra 15 percent.

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They include crayons, the jump rope, Mr. Potato Head, the yo-yo, the rubber duckie, and dominoes. My favorite inductee -- and the toy that is most symbolically useful to you right now -- is the plain old cardboard box. Of all the world's playthings, it is perhaps the one that requires and activates the most imagination. It can become a fort, a spaceship, a washing machine, a cave, a submarine, and many other exotic things.

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I think you need to be around influences akin to the cardboard box because they are likely to unleash your dormant creativity. It's quite possible you would become smarter and stronger by wrangling with a worthy adversary or struggling against a bad influence. The passion you summon to outwit an obstacle could bestow blessings not only on you but on other people, as well. But here's a big caveat: I hope you will not get embroiled in a showdown with an imaginary foe. I pray that you will refrain from a futile combat with a slippery delusion.

Choose your battles carefully, Aquarius. Be alert for ways you can cultivate more interesting and intense forms of intimacy. Magnetize yourself to the joys of teamwork and collaboration. Which of your skills and talents are most useful to other people?