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Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirts. Mercury is in Uranus right now. My thermometer just broke. What's the difference between Astrology and Astronomy? About 50 IQ points. There's only one group of people dumb enough to believe in astrology A teacher is teaching her first astrology class Mrs. Jones is teaching her very first astrology class, and it happens to be to a room full of second-graders.

The way she wants to help introduce the different astrological signs is by putting cards face down, one each, on each of the student's desks. Once she is finished distributing the car Then again I imagine that the -full- moons' effect on people shows a lot more statistical deviation then that of the researches you mention. Human senses are not tuned to all frequencies.

Our cognition is also limited, and in evolution as well. We know that radiation of certain wave lengths do affect our bodies and minds. There is no evidence as yet that celestial bodies affect us on earth, but the prerogative of belief should not attract opprobrium in a forum such as this one. Scientific ignorance as a whole is harming this planet. Bad ideas should not be immune to criticism. The fact that one has a prerogative to believe something idiotic does not make that belief any less idiotic. I have been using astrology since I was It definitely shows something that nothing else does.

But it's not fatalistic. That's where most people get it wrong. An astrological chart may give insights into a person's mind and body, but it doesn't make anything "happen". We do. You might enjoy visiting a research project at Astrofaces. Do they resemble when they share those most prominent factors? Send your photo! Like X said The effect of the moon on personality can be quite noticable. The astrological personality traits depend on much more than just the month you were born. If done thoroughly it considers the position of the planets on the day, year, time and location of your birth, as just the tip of the iceburg.

Infact the complexity involved in studying the principles actually mirror the that of stats in psychology.

Astrology, particularly the recent discovery of the asteroid chiron, can help to uncover subconcious issues which may cause huge problems in a persons day to day functioning. If birth charts were incorporated into psychological sessions it may even in theory be possible to help a client without the invasive probing techniques which are currently necessary in providing successful treatment. Astrology can be a tricky thing to add to your carrer, especially in America.

The problem is that there are far more people who exploit it in order to profit, then there are those who genuinely try to use it to help people. Additionaly my post mostly reffered to the fact that we don't necessarily have to look to the stars to explain certain patterns based on specific behaviour of those born in a certain month. Afterall you must consider that if these deviations are bound to Earths year cycle then their cause is Earth itself for no other star, galaxy or moon moves in coherence with Earth except for our Moon.

For example I usually only get sick once or twice a year and that always happens during winter - the problem is not in the position of stars but it's in the fact that the temperature drops, our immune systems are put to the test and more often than not dozens of ill people continue their daily rituals making even more people fall ill. Thank you, Sally. Well said! I read through the comments before I posted to be sure I wasn't repeating. I am currently learning Intuitive Astrology, using my own natal report and that of several people I know very well, to help understand the intricacies of the topic as well as the people.

Naysayers should know that there are many aspects and variables in real Intuitive Astrology and when you look deeper than just a Sun sign all of which share two months you will change perspective in your beliefs, or become more open minded at least. The learning experience for me has been very enlightening, though I have never been a naysayer on the topic.

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Love and Light! I'm currently battling an astrology addiction. I don't believe in it but I find it fascinating, or not so fascinating but they have all these planets and points and factors to play with - I call it an imaginary adventure map. I will accord the internet a lot of influence in this.

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Before the internet the only time I ever thought about it was if someone would ask me my sign and I would always preface my answer that I didn't believe in it but I'd still supply an answer with a sort of whatever-sneer. Then the internet came along and all this instant access to so much totally useless information - oh there's moon signs too? Slowly but surely suckered in - those cool neon lights. Been an on and off again, love-hate, ever since.

I'm no scientist but I wonder if there is something to the seasonal births having effects - going to school, different grades, different ages, different locations Also crossed my mind that sometime in youth, say some friends or family call you by your supposed sun sign and they might have some unconscious belief or behavior or treat you in the way they think of your sign, so that gets tucked away in the mind - this sort of merry-go-round gets going where you notice things you do that correspond with what is said about your sign, while not noticing so much that you may behave or feel in ways a lot more often that do not correlate to what your sign is supposed to be.

Couple years ago I was watching a show about the stars and how long it takes for their light to get to us - and I couldn't help think: okay it takes a loooonnnng time for that light to reach us, but it does reach us - and light can definitely influence - winter months: little light. Say: birthday parties might be far less likely to be held outside in February than say, August. About 10 or 12 of those It is an impossibility to find exceptions to some of these rules. I have used astrology for 26 years and it is very helpful.

It is a rather complex science and it is a science that uses facts and lends itself best to someone who has a strong accurate intuition.

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People who don't accept astrology come from a paradigm where they don't consider that everything is energy Einstein Those of us who belief in astrology know that the planetary bodies emanate energy that effects us, events, circumstances, etc. Astrology is extremely accurate. It is available to help us master ourselves and our circumstances. I have heard it say that an astrology consultation can replace months of therapy: because a "good" astrologer can very easily define someone's personality make-up and weaknesses.

It is a science that has to be used with great wisdom and balance. The solution is always the middle way. Astrology deals with potential, as potential deals with energy, and no substantial energy mass exists within a vacuum. Astrology was founded upon the ecliptic Zodiac and the path the Sun apparently follows from a geocentric perspective an imaginary circle, astronomically.

Whether or not the planets or any other celestial exert forces upon us that validates astrology, none can say in certainty. However, the positions of the planets as well as other astrological factors even the mathematically-derived, such as the Ascendant or Midheaven, et al , there's a definite correlation between the positions and placements at any given time and event.

Consider it likened to a celestial ruler, for certain. As far as cause and effect applies, just because we can't understand let alone prove causation between astrology and the mundane Earth events, doesn't mean validity doesn't exist or doesn't possibly work.