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Not when neither moral nor legal laws cross. Always act at the call of their heart or conscience. Very patient and tolerant of others.

Daily horoscope for Saturday, March 2, 12222

They are well aware that in order to be successful, it is necessary to work hard and hard. They never give up their duties, and if there is such a need, they can come to the rescue, especially if it concerns relatives. They treat with great trepidation those whom they love, friends or close acquaintances. Not rarely are they willing to step over themselves if necessary for their loved ones. Very tolerant and peaceful.

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True, despite the fact that they possess positive character traits and are easy to communicate, often enough in their lives there are disagreements with loved ones. This is not uncommon because they are used to idealizing those they love.

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Faced with reality, it is not uncommon to experience disappointment, which leaves an imprint on their future life. Although emotions will always effect you, avoid letting others effect your mood too heavily.


In love, find a partner that does not take advantage of your trusting and loving nature. A Pisces born on March 2 has a perception that borders on genius. Although they may seem to clear everything through intellectual channels, they are really exercising psychic sensitivity. Most major life decisions are made this way. They are gentle souls who may lack self-confidence. Today's advice "You may have to wade through something that is more of an annoyance than anything else -- though yes, it had to be done.

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Get back on track. Today's advice "Giving someone a taste of his or her own medicine may sound like a fine idea, but in the end, you won't secure the results you're after.

Today's advice "Someone who knows you well is aware of what you're going through, despite your best efforts to hide it. You're going to want to accept help.

Venus enters Aquarius

Today's advice "You're going to want to take it easy perhaps -- especially early in the day. You have every reason to do something nice for yourself. Today's advice "You may have to seek out support for an idea that's ready.

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